Graphic Novel


Part One:

Kibuishi, K. (2004) Amulet: The Stonekeeper . Graphix

Graphic novel : 2nd-5th grade

Part Two:

Surprisingly I really enjoyed this book but was disappointed when I reached the end only to be left in suspense. It was a series book which are very addicting reads which is all good. The opening of this book was a bit of a shock as well. With the father dying in the very beginning it already gave me emotions and attachment to the family. The book thus far (book one) is about this littler girl and saving her family. She gets this amulet necklace that has powers, as she reads a passage from a book. These animated characters like talkin robots and mystical creatures appear and help her along the way. Very suspenseful.

Past Three:

Well this book was a graphic novel and I didn’t realize how much the visual arts in this context really speak to you. Visual literacy can really be gained through reading graphic novels. The story was actually really entertaining and I had a lot of fun reading this book. It was easy to follow with and I didn’t feel lost.

Part Four:

I would have students create a graphic novel for the class. As a class we would figure out a story line and plot, and each student would create a page. Objective: After reading the Amulet students will collaborate to create a graphic novel.


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